Resonance Design

everything and nothing that involves notions of a design and thinking pattern that Rob van Kranenburg and me called "Resonance Design" (or Extelligence Design, your choice)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

And finally a Blog... Welcome!
Is it already 3 years ago that I sent a heavily commented transcript about what Interaction Design might be back to Rob van Kranenburg and the whole idea about Extelligence Design and now Resonance Design started to evolve.
Now in the times where service design is starting off, information and recommendation frameworks are growing like mushrooms and global is sliding more back to local and everyone is busy meta-tagging, the world is yet getting a bit more complex for our simple minds.
So straightforwardly according to the networked world's zeitgeist, this blog is trying to develop a visual, textual and idea pattern of what Resonance Design / Extelligence Design is and will be.

marCus , saturday 2005