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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adobe challenges Microsoft

As Microsoft wouldnt have enough to worry after the Vista launch, which innevitably shows far behind the company is regarding OS development, Adobe shows plans to turn it's Flash software in to a full blown application development platform, that would run on any OS(apple, linux, windows, even windows CE).
Big benefit, the OS doesn't matter anymore, and the software it comes with neither. If I can use the flash apps anywhere, why bother with Microsoft dependend products.
If they can pull it off, respect! Despite my restrained respect for Flash due to being the only software that crashes on my mac and PC (cross-platform so to say) and the ever changing interface, which is far from simplistic or intuitive, being able to use Flash apps on and offline and in any browser was always one of the mayor benefits of the product.
It has the community, let's see if it can be where Java failed.

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