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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Extelligence Article - 15MB of fame

Achilles Kameas, editor of Convivio Web-Magazine gave me the opportunity to write a few words about Extelligence design and the future of community media. It couldn't have come to a better time as I couldn't find the time to write about other things than my new 80DAYS project for ages. Read it, let me know what you think.
PS. the navi for the article is on the top of the page.

Friday, November 17, 2006

USB Batteries

I just lost my charger for my digital camera batteries.
I can't count the number of chargers and different plugs you need these days to keep your digital tools energy charged and get you data transported from one to another.
Thats when I can only look positively at some odd gadget that combines the new with the old, like the MP3 player in the form of an audio cassette, I give you the USB chargable battery.
There are models for 9V blocks and mobile phone batteries to launch soon.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fear of the Man

The first official article I found on how large media companies are openly scared of the implications of user-generated content. "It puts a lot of pressure..." onto the companies. Really? Well companies especially like Fox have been able to do whatever they wanted for a while. It's seems like the media-dinosaurs comet has finally hit the earth. We are living in interesting times (haven't we always?) and I am feeling that the time for huge top-down structures is over due to the inherent flexibility that communication enabled networks are offering. Add to that the value that digital content is representing and voila, Revolution like noone could have imagined(have we ever?).

"Bermel (Mary Bermel, interactive director for Hewlett-Packard) admitted she was "scared to death" of the prospect, while Trimble (John Trimble, SVP of branded sales for Fox Interactive) and Koerner (Stacey Lynn Koerner, president of consumer experience practice for Interpublic) were ambivalent.

User-generated content brings "huge additional pressure," Bermel said. "We want our brand in the marketplace presented in a certain way. Our advertising teams are used to push marketing--now we're asking them to create pull marketing, things that will attract people to our brand."

She also decried that "We say the new metric is engagement, but when people ask what that is, we can't really tell them."

Trimble said there was a "major paradigm shift" underway..." - more -