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everything and nothing that involves notions of a design and thinking pattern that Rob van Kranenburg and me called "Resonance Design" (or Extelligence Design, your choice)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

LED Throwies

For those who build. GraffitiLab did a simple yet beautiful use of the good ol' LED to color NY's grey walls.
Graffiti Research Lab

Thursday, February 02, 2006

NEWS: Congress caught making false entries in Wikipedia

Open Source is bliss and subversive elements are part of it. Peronally it is uplifting to see that on the internet, sometimes the powerstructure doesn't help from getting revealed. We had recently Sony's root-kit and now it's the US Congress trying to mess with the truth as much as China tries to filter freedom. It's good to know that the masses of lay internet users are strong together, but I won't say "Hack the Planet" that would be way too tacky(techie?).

RFID detector

Behold evil RFID readers. Preemptive is a group that does workshops building little RFID reader detectors. Maybe whilst sniffing around for it we will see that there aren't that many readers, plus I am curious if they arent just triggered by other radio fields as well. It makes a nice keychain I guess.

everybody's doing the pigeon

Some researchers in San Jose just gonna load GPS, mobile and air-pollution sensors on pigeons to mobile-blog pollution data. I guess if the batteries gonna last and the pigeon won't die from exhaustion, this will finally be a useful idea for attaching technology to these urban creatures.
Oh and it will have a camera as well. I didn't see any photos of the prototype yet, so you will have to go to San Jose yourself this august, I am afraid.